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Cold Brew Yuan Yang

Coffee drinkers and tea drinkers can call a truce when it comes to Yuan Yang. The popular Hong Kong beverage is predominantly tea. Inspired by this concept of mixing coffee and tea, we created our very own version of the Yuan Yang beverage.

Where Coffee Meets Tea

Staying true to our coffee roots, TAC’s Yuan Yang flavour mainly comes from coffee with a hint of tea in the aftertaste. Instead of Robusta coffee used in the traditional Yuan Yang, our version is made with specialty grade Arabica coffee.
Our recommended method of preparation is steeping the Yuan Yang cold brew bags in fresh milk for about 12 to 15 hours). Depending on which TAC’s blend of coffee you prefer, you can find the Yuan Yang version of it.

Grab Yourself a Serving of Yuan Yang From TAC

Yuan Yang is a beverage that is rich in culture, it brings together the best of both worlds for coffee and tea enthusiasts, what more could you ask for? To get a taste of yuan yang from the comfort of your home, order our Yuan Yang cold brew bag. Our bags come packed with our signature blends, ready to be brewed on the spot.