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Cold Brew Coffee

Mention “cold brew coffee” and chances are that people would imagine sipping on a cup of coffee with ice. While a possibility, it is not the ice or the colder temperature that defines cold brew coffee. Rather, cold brew coffee is characterised by the method through which it is brewed.

The Cold Brew Process

During the cold brew coffee process, coffee beans are grinded before being steeped in room temperature or cold water for upwards of 12 hours. The additional time allows for a richer extraction of sugars, oils and caffeine. The extra effort needed for cold brew coffee pays off as the resulting coffee is less acidic and bitter. Fans of cold brew often boast of its natural sweetness and smoother texture, making it much easier on both the tastebuds and stomach. Interestingly, just like your typical coffee, cold brew can be served either hot or with ice. In addition, a splash of milk can also be added.

Cold Brew Coffee Bags

Having read about the process, you might be interested in having a cup of cold brew in your home yet worried about the time and effort needed. If so, why not give TAC Coffee’s cold brew bags a try? Our cold brew bags come packed with our signature blends of coffee grounds. This spares you the need of grinding coffee beans and worrying about the final taste. Additionally, our cold brew bags are designed to hold your coffee grounds throughout the brewing process. As such, no unwanted lumps will escape into your coffee brew. All in all, you can expect to only be required to pop one of the coffee bags into a cup and fill it with room temperature or cold water. After 12 or more hours, the brew is complete. You can then proceed to simply dispose the single use coffee bag and finally indulge in quality cold brew coffee.