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Coffee Grounds

TAC Coffee offers our signature blends in coffee grounds form. This means that you need not worry about grind techniques. For example, if your grind is too fine, then your coffee ends up tasting too bitter. On the other hand, a grind that is too coarse would lead to a flat tasting coffee.
By ordering coffee grounds from TAC Coffee, you would be by-passing the hassle of grinding your beans while being assured of consistently great tasting coffee. From here, you have multiple options for brewing the coffee grounds – drip, french press, expresso, or cold brew based on the grind size ordered.

It is not instant coffee

For first time buyers of coffee grounds, it is important to note that coffee grounds do not equate to instant coffee mix. A primary difference is in that instant coffee mix refers to coffee grounds that have been brewed into drinkable coffee before being cooled and dried to a solid powdery state.

Roasted on Local Shores

All our coffee beans are roasted locally. This ensures that despite our coffee beans originating from a variety of environmental conditions around the globe, our beans are always roasted under controlled conditions. Next, we grind the beans for our coffee grounds to suit various brewing methods.
Another reason for solely roasting and grounding our coffee beans locally is the extra freshness. Once coffee beans have been roasted and grounded, they begin to lose their freshness. As such, the later in the supply chain that the coffee beans are roasted and grounded, the better they smell and taste.