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Specialty Coffee Drip Bags

As coffee drinkers, we understand the predicament of brewing the perfect cup of coffee while rushing for work. With time constraints, we struggle to prepare a good brew. As such, we settle for instant coffee for that quick burst of energy. Yet, instant coffee often falls short when it comes to taste. This is because instant coffee does not preserve several of natural coffee’s delicious and energetic characteristics. Thankfully, with TAC Coffee’s specialty coffee drip bags, you can have a great brew with minimal effort and in no time at all.

Simple and Quick

Our single-use coffee drip bags were created to bring forth an effortless brew. Without the need for a drip coffee machine, they function as a portable coffee filter that can be easily be placed on top of your cup. After which, you can simply pour enough hot water (90 to 95°C) and let it sit for about 20 seconds. During this time, coffee begins to drain into your cup. At the same time, coffee grounds in the bag expand and allow for full extraction of flavours. Repeating this process leads fills your cup with rich coffee extract. Once your cup has been filled, you may lift the handles of the coffee bags for easy removal.

Consistent yet Flexible

A huge appeal of our coffee drip bags is the consistency given in every cup. All our coffee beans are roasted locally under controlled conditions. This ensures that our coffee bags always give you the same quality taste. Yet, as with all drip coffee techniques, you are free to fine tune the brew:
Try brewing various volumes of drip coffee or comparing the difference in brewing time
Using a shorter cup allows your coffee grounds to be soaked in the dripped coffee. This method creates a heavier body with more extract. However, be careful not to over extract coffee as it will lose some of its delicate tasting notes.
The temperature of water and the use of ice brings out different coffee notes.