Our Journey

In 2014, we set out to find the “perfect” cuppa by learning the origins, process, and the grading of coffee beans.

Starting from the basics, we learned the foundation of coffee, appreciation of coffee and moved on to hands-on brewing. We did a 2-year stint of guest baristaring every Sunday at Tiong Hoe Specialty Coffee, serving up customised blends (See offerings section). Unfortunately, our days of guest baristaring at Tiong Hoe came to a halt as we both became more occupied. 

Our coffee journey did not end there. We continued baristaring for ad-hoc events such as weddings and pop-ups when we could. Coffee brewing then became “in-house” as we served the staff and clients of Prelude Corporate Services Pte. Ltd at the former’s office. 


During Singapore’s first-ever circuit breaker, we received feedback and encouragement from our friends and customers. Many of them missed our coffee and couldn’t wait to taste our coffee again. With the intention of bringing the coffee experience to people working from home, we began crafting drip bags and cold brew bags for our customers to enjoy our coffee again.

How were the blends curated

We knew from the start that we wanted to roast the coffee beans locally. This is to minimize the varying conditions brought about by freight of roasted coffee beans. By working with a trusted local roastery, we are in better control of the roasting cycle and inventory management, which are essential in ensuring good quality coffee.

We went through several rounds of R&D to find the blends that we are still proud to serve today. The R&D efforts considered what beans could work well with one another, what ratios to use, what roasting profiles etc. Customers who have been on this journey with us have become our friends and taste controllers, continually providing us with valuable feedback to improve our coffee.